A Simplified Guide To The Sexualities

  • Homosexual: sexual attraction to houses and other building like structures.
  • Heterosexual: an undying lust for Macklemore.
  • Asexual: attraction to any and all things beginning with the letter A.
  • Pansexual: a desire for pots, pans, and other kitchen utensils.
  • Polysexual: sexual attraction to polygons.
  • Bisexual: Attraction to the 9th century Chinese army officer Bi Shiduo.
  • Demisexual: Never ending love of demi lovato


I kind of feel bad for gray and Demi people.

Not because they are gray or Demi.

But because even within the ace and aro communities, there are those select assholes trying to invalidate them

That sucks. I identified as gray-asexual before identifying as just asexual, and I was demiromantic before deciding I was aromantic.

Sending love out to gray and Demi people out there. You are real, you are valid. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.